Project number: 
Wildcat Robotics, supported by Craig M Berge Dean's Fund
Academic year: 
Battlebots is a worldwide organization that hosts an elimination style tournament for
robots to battle against each other. Teams implement a balance between mechanical,
electrical, and software Engineering principles to design, build, and test their robots.
Robots must comply with the rules provided by Battlebots, withstand a wide variety of
impacts from competitor weapons, and be able to compete in several rounds during a
competition. Another key aspect in the competition is offensively and defensively preparing
for many different combat styles and various levels of creativity in competitor robots'
movement, shape, and tactics. To validate the safety and capabilities of the robot, extensive
analysis into durability vs. weight will be explored in the design stage and thorough testing
and validation will be performed in a manner to mimic that of the competition field. The
final project goals will be to demonstrate the abilities of the robot, compete in the
BattleBots tournament, and lay the foundation for implementing a combat robotics club at
the University of Arizona.

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