Development of a tool for calculating airport noise contours from noise monitoring equipment

Project number: 
Gary Wonacott - Project Sponsor
Academic year: 
People living near airports are constantly exposed to high levels of noise. Currently, noise contour maps are computed by airport facilities using the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). This project presents a tool that calculates noise contours using manually collected noise data, beginning with Tucson International Airport.

The design of the project includes three major modules:
• the creation of a tool – in this case, a website;
• the collection of data at Tucson International Airport;
• a methodology for the creation of noise contours.

The website is for people who reside near airport facilities and are affected by the high noise levels created by airplanes. The website provides the public with deeper insight, knowledge and material regarding noise levels within their area. It further allows them to submit noise complaints as well as the ability to view descriptions regarding the noise levels around the area they wish to observe. The data collected with the noise monitor is interpolated in order to create noise contour lines.

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