Hyperspectral Camera

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Raytheon Technologies
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Hyperspectral cameras, which can view the unique spectral fingerprints of an object, have consumer applications including detecting the freshness of produce and validating the authenticity of currency. However, the cost and size of these devices makes it challenging to breach the consumer market with these applications. The team’s nontraditional technique proved that a cost efficient design can be achieved by using a diffractive lens to create chromatic aberration.

The team researched and developed a specialized diffractive lens system with a motorized detector to create a hyperspectral imager functionally similar to commercially available ones. The lens system separates light out by color to create spectral-dependent focal planes. These focal planes are captured by a motorized detector, which is user-controlled via a Raspberry Pi. These images are sent to a separate computer, which performs image processing to synchronize the captured images with the location of the detector and identify the spectrum of an object.

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