Lunar Arachnid Surveillance and Exploration Rover

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The traditional wheel is insufficient when it comes to maneuvering over extreme lunar terrain, such as craters, icy and regolith surfaces, and large boulders. The fully functioning Lunar Arachnid Surveillance and Exploration Rover uses a new style of mobility. The rover uses individual legs equipped with rounded footings that ensure surface contact at all times, without sinking into the surface.

The prototype was scaled down to 43% of full size, with 3D-printed PLA/PETG plastic used for the body and legs. The servo motors move the legs back and forth, as well as up and down, giving a synchronized motion when all six hips are in synch. With the help of the onboard inertial measurement unit and remote control, the rover is able to navigate to a desired location, where it will use its infrared camera to search for ice in lunar craters.

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