Miniature Animal Health Status Tracker (MAHST)

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Microentities Worldwide
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The device shall be able to attach to at least 4 animal species - initial focus, dog, cat, horse and cow.
The device shall remain attached for > 1 week on 99.5% of animals tested.
The device shall remain attached for > 4 weeks on 80% of animals tested.
The device (sensor platform, not including SW/app) shall cost <$10 per sensor platform.
The device shall weigh less than 1 ounce.
The device shall be less than .79 in^2
The device shall have a vertical depth (from bottom, skin touching surface to top surface of the sensor platform) of ⅕ in.
The device’s life (battery or other) shall be greater than 4 weeks.
The device shall be able to withstand the normal wear and tear that an animal would experience in or outdoors (see lifetime req)
The device shall measure position, movement (velocity and acceleration), heart rate and location.
The device shall be able to measure through fur, hair or skin on the all species in req #1.
The device shall be accurate enough to be useful in all sensor functions - very vague, team will need to do scope research here.
The device shall directly communicate with a phone app that read’s out data. Again, scope needed here, some readout needed, but the app is the secondary development, the sensor platform first. Readout will be long distance in the future, but for short-term feasibility, near range read-out or even download via touch, would be acceptable.

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