Miniature Robust On Board Recorder (MR-OBR)

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Raytheon Technologies
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Onboard recorders are mounted to test vehicles and characterize shock, vibration and temperature changes that the unit experiences under test experiences. However, some projects are unable to use the existing devices due to size or shape limitations. The MR-OBR is a device small enough to fit in the palm of a user’s hand. The team designed it to compactly contain electrical components and withstand significant force.

The design consists of a small aluminum shell with an end cap to allow the user access to the inside of the recorder. The system is able to withstand up to 5,000 g’s of acceleration and temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius. The team used lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy to meet survivability criteria. Internally, the device contains two stacked printed circuit boards responsible for sensing and recording environmental changes. The circuit consists of a microcontroller, two accelerometers, a temperature sensor and an SD card reader for storage. When the cap is removed, the user will be able to access recorded data and change the battery if necessary.

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