Modular Mosquito Surveillance Research Trap

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Arbo Scientific
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Mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases and viruses. Entomology researchers place surveillance traps to capture the insects alive and determine what diseases they are carrying. These traps, which are cumbersome, rely on the production of carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes.

This design combines two modular subsystems: the mosquito lure and environmental sensors. The lure uses a one-pound propane tank with safety mechanisms to produce carbon dioxide at preprogrammed times. Environmental sensors collect data while the propane is releasing carbon dioxide into the environment.

Combustion components include a solenoid valve and electronic piezo igniter controlled by an Arduino. A tilt switch stops combustion if the tank is knocked over or tampered with. Sensor components include a GPS, thermometer, humidity sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor. The data is collected on a removable SD card controlled by the same Arduino Mega 2450 Board coded in C++.

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