Recording Fetal ECG with a biomagnetic sensor

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The objective of this project is to create a fetal heart monitoring system. The system redirects magnetic field lines and uses frequency filtering to reduce noise in order to create a magnetocardiogram (MCG). The use of a novel biomagnetic sensor makes it possible to capture the fetal heart signal in a clinical environment.

The team developed a fetal heart simulator, a flux condenser, a multilayered magnetic field barrier and digital filters. The fetal heart simulator emulates relevant aspects of the electrical and magnetic activity of a fetal heart for testing purposes. The flux condenser collects and redirects magnetic fields originating from the fetal heart simulator to the sensor. The multilayered magnetic field barrier attenuates external magnetic fields. The digital filters eliminate unwanted magnetic field signals, leaving only the targeted cardiac signal. The result of this project is an MCG that displays a cardiac signal comparable to that of a fetal heart.

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