Smart Gloves v3 Hydraulic

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Sponsor: Collaboratory
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The Hydraulic Smart Glove provides an interface for measuring the forces and work performed during everyday physical activities. Real-time data allows users to track the amount of weight lifted and work performed during physical activity. With this wearable device, fitness fanatics, construction workers and physical therapists alike can work safer and smarter.

This team created a system that uses hydraulic tubing, hydraulic fluid, and a manifold, all integrated into the smart glove with a pressure transducer measuring the pressure applied to the tubing.

The students developed software with calibrated curves to calculate the weight lifted and the work performed based on the pressure inside the tubing. Sensor data is collected by an Arduino Nano microcontroller. Key data is displayed using a graphical user interface (GUI) on an LED display. The user interacts with the system and GUI via buttons for calibration, setting the time, changing units and altering brightness.

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