Smart Rocks - A network of covert smart sensors (Joint UArizona UMass Project)

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Raytheon Technologies
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Are you interested in showcasing your ability to Faculty and Industry judges as you synthesize an innovative design in collaboration with a senior capstone team in University Massachusetts? If so this project challenge is for you.

Raytheon technologies is seeking a multi-site, multi-disciplinary team to design a flexible way to covertly monitor a variety of activities and environmental events in a wide area. Possible uses include border monitoring, security systems and forest land usage and fire tracking.

This team will work through the hardware and software design process in collaboration with industry sponsors and across a design team at both University of Arizona and University of Massachusetts.

Smart Rock Sensor System Requirements
Be self powered and covert capable of being disguised in the shape of a rock or other natural element
Include a sensing element which is capable of collecting data and recording stimulus from the outside world. This may include sensing of acoustic inputs, seismic, thermal, RF transmissions.
The design shall be modular such that different sensors can be interchanged across a common interface
The sensing elements or nodes shall be able to collect and buffer data when no other nodes or smart-rocks are present
When multiple nodes are in proximity each sensor shall be able to pass data and share information wirelessly with other nodes
The system shall include a method for the local network to connect to a wider or outside network over a defined protocol to share data and receive commands from the outside network

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