Advanced Rapid Manufacturing of Low-cost, Visually-realistic Targets

Project number: 
Fort Huachuca
Academic year: 
Innovative engineering solutions to rapidly create affordable but visually accurate target as seen by various sensors (E.g., satellite imagery, drone camera). Fort Huachuca hosts the Army's first Multi-Domain Operations range and needs dynamic and realistic adversary targets to practice on. Range Control, Exercise Planners, Instructors, and Adversary Modelers need the ability to produce low cost and destructible life-sized and visually accurate targets to provide continually updated, and also a variety of, the visual profiles used by imagery analysts to identify a target and corroborate electronic signals, allowing the fusion of information across intelligence disciplines to practice and train target location on the Multi-Domain Operation Non-Kinetic Range at Ft. Huachuca. An optional second theme would be the proof of concept for programable smart targets, physical targets that can autonomously relocate themselves across the range to provide realistic adversary movements and patterns of life (given terrain, Weather and adversary tactics), to create realistic movements and enhance scenario design and training effectiveness for Intelligence Soldiers on Multi-Domain Operation Non-Kinetic Range at Ft. Huachuca.

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