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Design Day Project Highlights 2020

Throughout the year, student teams design, build and test tools and technologies for their senior capstone projects in areas ranging from aerospace to electronics to energy to medicine. The breakdown by sector for the 115 projects for Design Day 2019 include:


first-time sponsors


biomedical projects


space-related projects


optical science projects


environmental/ renewable energy projects

Design Day 2020

Design Day 2020 was the culmination of a year-long effort by University of Arizona faculty, staff and 600-plus senior engineering students. Over 60 experienced industry professionals, including many UA alumni, helped judge the 115 projects that competed for more than 35 sponsor awards and $45,250 in cash prizes.

70 percent of the teams were interdisciplinary, featuring students from several different undergraduate majors. The remaining 30 percent of the projects were specific to individual majors at the College of Engineering, such as civil engineering and chemical engineering. Out of the 115 projects, 62 percent were sponsored by corporate partners and 38 percent were supported by departments or units at the University of Arizona.

Number of Design Day Projects Over the Years

Interdisciplinary Capstone has grown significantly since its inception more than a decade ago, and Design Day gets bigger each year. In 2011, the event featured 60 student projects; in 2020, there were 115. Projects sponsored by faculty researchers and university units have seen notable increases in recent years.

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