Airfoil Cascade Hub Injection II

Project number: 
Honeywell Aerospace
Academic year: 
This project is a continuation of the efforts of Team 22045 during the Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 school year on the project “Airfoil Cascade Hub Injection.” This new project will focus on design optimization and modifications to the test article and test facilities developed during the prior project to enhance the effectiveness of the hub injection to induce targeted changes to the cascade aerodynamic flowfield. Tasks will include:
1) Work with Honeywell sponsors to gain fundamental understanding of gas turbine compressors and the purpose of this research; namely how airfoil cascade hub injection can be used to delay the onset of compressor instability and surge.
2) Review and understand the efforts of Team 22045 including acquiring existing hardware, computational models, and program lessons learned.
3) Develop an improved computational fluid dynamics model of the existing cascade test article.
4) Develop an improved computational finite element stress model.
5) Utilize the computational models to improve the effectiveness of the hub injection.
6) Modify the test article design to implement identified design improvements including flexibility to physically test multiple configurations.
7) Acquire all necessary hardware including 3D printed parts, instrumentation, and off-the-shelf hardware.
8) Successfully execute testing in the UA Low Speed Educational Wind Tunnel, including facility controls, hardware instrumentation, and data acquisition and analysis.
9) Actively participate in weekly meetings with the sponsor along with any other necessary meetings, reviews, discussions, etc.

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