Automated Material Sampling

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FLSmidth Krebs
Academic year: 
In mining, it has been difficult to consistently and repeatedly sample slurry discharged from cyclones in a manifold system. It is currently a manual process that varies in accuracy because of the accessibility to the sampling source and the variation of samples taken due to the human element involved. In the same way being that it is a human process, it is difficult for an individual to connect a heavy armature to the side of the launder to take a sample without the risk of the individual being pulled into the tank. The same sampling problem also becomes a safety issue that could be resolved by automating the sampling process.  To properly automate the process the cutter box or the collector for the liquid, needs to pass underneath the spray evenly and at an even speed. Depending on the box shape, the box needs to pass radially or parallel through the discharge stream to collect the proper sample.  In summary we are looking to find a way to automate the sampling collection process to make it safer and more accurate. The automated solution will make it possible to conveniently sample any of our cyclone systems from a control room.

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