Automated Oil Dispenser

Project number: 
Competitive Engineering
Academic year: 
Competitive Engineering is a growing aerospace manufacturer and is seeking improvements in maintaining all their machines properly filled with oil and hydraulic fluid. The growth of the company has resulted in acquiring various state of the art CNC machines worth millions in investment. Competitive Engineering desires an autonomous system that will dispense the fluids in a Clean, Organized, and Efficient manner but also alert when levels of fluids in the drum are running low and in need of a replacement.
In addition, a refilling process must be created to ensure that risks of messy spills and cross contamination are mitigated. Further, these lubricants are going into the heart of our machinery. It is important for this process to be equipped with poke-yoke principles to ensure it can be maintained by all members of the CEI team. This will include creating visual cues and safe practices such as designating fluids to color-coded containers and having matching quick connect fittings to create a standard to sustain.

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