Automated Universal Part Singulator

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Bosch Rexroth Corporation
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With millions of dollars being spent on tooling for automated assembly lines, companies are relying more on reconfigurable part feeding and sorting mechanisms to save costs. This project provides a solution by being easily adaptable to any assembly process without compromising effectiveness or reliability.

The AUPS consists of a cartesian robot, a high resolution camera, a gripping mechanism and a vibrating table. The robot is controlled using the CtrlX Machine Controller developed by Rexroth and an Arduino is used for controlling the sensors and gripper. Parts are fed manually onto the vibrating table, where the camera identifies and locates them, allowing the robot to travel, pick up and sort them correctly. If no parts are detected, the system uses the vibratory table to disperse parts until the camera can locate one. The gripping mechanism is attached to the end of the Z-axis of the robot and is capable of handling parts between 2-10 cm3 with a weight limit of 0.5 kg.

The system can automatically sort parts based on their shape and size. It is designed to operate in an enclosed factory floor environment and is therefore shielded from external interference with a metal frame and acrylic walls.

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