Biosphere Ocean Wave Generator

Project number: 
UA Biosphere 2
Academic year: 

Project Goal:Toimprove the reliability of the ocean wave generator at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2so it more accurately simulatesthe ocean environment.The wave generator is a key piece of equipmentat Biosphere 2. Itensures water is well-mixed with no stratification. Thisteamrecommended replacement parts for the wave generator. Criteria included that the replacements be readily available, low-maintenance, cost-effective,and equaltoor better than the qualityto existing parts. In addition, the team createda maintenance manual and troubleshooting guide forquick response tomalfunctions.With the recommended upgrades, the system now has more reliable gates,automated electrical actuators, and code that controls the actuators of the system. It also monitors the water level in the troughs and activates an interlock if the water levelpasses a criticalheight.

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