Cytology Slide Prep and Vial Storage System

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Roche Tissue Diagnostics
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The Slide Prep Utility for Roche (SPUR) is a new system that prepares slides for tissue staining from liquid-based cytology samples instead of tissue. Cytotechnicians manually stack hundreds of the slide and vial samples for processing, which presents the risks of damage and human error. The team developed a tray that allows cytotechnicans to keep the patient samples and slides safe and organized, resulting in a more efficient process.

The design includes a mechanical assembly and an electronic assembly. The mechanical portion consists of 12 holes designed for vial placement and 12 slide holders designed to fit two slides each. The electronic assembly includes an Arduino Nano, a temperature sensor and an E-Ink display, all powered by two 10Ah rechargeable batteries. The device temperature and sample storage age are monitored and presented on the display. If the temperature of the device moves outside a particular range, or if the sample storage exceeds six months, a visual alarm will be displayed, indicating the samples are no longer usable.

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