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Kidney ADVANCE Project - NIH/ACABI
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Hemodialysis functions to remove the build up of salts, water, and toxins from the body when a patient's kidneys are not working adequately. For many patients, receiving hemodialysis treatments means traveling to a hospital or dialysis center several times each week for hours at a time. With an increase in remote healthcare technology, hemodialysis has expanded to the home. Within the hospital or home setting, hemodialysis devices are still a water intensive process that results in all wastewater being disposed of. Dial-Assist supplements commercial portable hemodialysis systems by recycling the effluent wastewater, also known as dialysate, to minimize the need for a tap water connection and increase the independence of the patient. The system is comprised of sorbent canister to remove salts and uremic toxins and utilizes UV sterilization to destroy bacteria. The effluent dialysate is recycled to a purity level that allows it to be reused by the patient once the prescribed amount of salts and other dialysate components are re-added. The entirety of the device fits in a compact container above the portable dialysis system. Dial-Assist will aid in the progression of more independent hemodialysis treatments so that patients dealing with kidney disease may have a higher quality of life.

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