Dispatch Console Audio Interface Design

Project number: 
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Academic year: 
The Rescue 21 program provides dispatch consoles to the US Coast Guard to provide command and control activities for the radio communication system. The console has an audio interface device for headsets and desk microphones and also distributes audio streams to several speakers. The purpose of this project is to redesign the audio interface device that will feed these speakers and take in the microphone inputs to interface with the rest of the system. Students will also develop software to demonstrate the audio system operation and verify system requirements.

This project will require integrating hardware and software. Students will get the opportunity to work on multiple Engineering disciplines and work with the following:
• Audio processing – DAC and ADC
• Basic audio circuit design
• Perform trade study to select hardware to meet requirements
• Design system and build PCB prototypes
• Software development to test system
• Work with GDMS to integrate prototype with production equipment

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