Drone Detection and Tracking by Acoustic Signature (D2TAS)

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Raytheon Technologies
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Small commercial drones equipped with cameras and/or other potentially lethal payloads are a persistent challenge for our DOD and national security organizations. These drones are difficult to see or hear until they are already in the effective threat perimeter. There is a need for a standoff detection and tracking capability to spot these potential threats at an actionable distance before they represent a tactical threat to military or high value government personnel.
The “D2TAS” system would allow security forces to detect and track small UAS that pose a potential threat to military and government personnel.

This system will be portable, and will be able to detect various sizes of quad copter or octo-copters at a slant distance of 100m to 500m or beyond. The system should be able to provide an azimuth and elevation value as to where the drone threat is located and also track the movement of the one drone.

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