Five Hole Probe for Three Dimensional Winds

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Dragoon Technology
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Summary: The project’s intent is to design an inexpensive, manufacturable sensor that allows a small Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) to measure the relative wind, in both magnitude, pitch offset, and yaw offset. Commonly, a “5-hole probe” is used for this measurement. Commercially available probes can cost over $8k each and may require labor-intensive calibration of individual units. One ultimate user of this sensor will be NOAA, who intends to utilize Dragoon’s small, long-endurance UAS to investigate Hurricanes and other tropical weather phenomenon.

o Testing: it is expected that the sensor will need to be tested using the U of A wind tunnel.
o Data communications protocol: Serial
o Cost to manufacture: $100 or less, per unit
o Data output: pressure readings from each dynamic pressure port, total and dynamic pressures, angle of probe with respect to relative wind
o Size: size and length appropriate for mounting to a wing with chord length between 8 and 12 inches
o The probe, pressure sensors and electronics should be a self-contained unit. Only power and data should be connected back to the host aircraft.
o Form drag and weight should be minimized.
o Wing internal volume is available for mounting sensors and electronics.
o The design should be repeatable enough to avoid individual calibration of each unit. This may be demonstrated by testing multiple units in the wind tunnel.

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