Integrated Grab Bar/Chair Rail System

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Ageless Lifestyle Home
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Design a grab bar to be camouflaged and integrated into a chair rail, to include lighting.
This Universal Design product would provide homes or business environments that host multi generational family members or clients with disabilities a way to quickly provide the safety element of a grab bar while at other times seamlessly blending into a room or hallway until required.
A chair rail is traditionally a wood or composite molding surface mounted to a wall for aesthetic purposes and/or to protect a wall from damage from chairs. A grab bar is a surface mounted bar that provides a measure of assistance, independence and safety to those with disabilities as well as seniors . People are hesitant to have traditional grab bars permanently installed in their homes or businesses viewing them as unsightly and taking away from the aesthetics of their home or working environments. This product would eliminate this reasoning.
1) Integral Chair Rail and Grab Bar that is aesthetically pleasing
2) Have a variety of connectible unit sizes enabling a mix and match of different lengths required for a variety of wall lengths encountered (12", 16", 20" 24", 28', 36", etc)
3) Easy installation to existing homes and businesses without excessive remodeling
4) LED light source
5) Possible Power Source Options for operation: Manual. Battery, Hard Wired, Plug, App
6) Optional Design profiles (i.e. Contemporary, Traditional)
7) Meet ADA (American Disabilities ACT) standards - dimensions, structural strength

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