An IoT based system for at-home behavioral and physiological health interventions.

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UA Center for Biomedical Informatics & Biostatistics
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Health interventions in at-home settings that collect physiological and behavioral data have seen rapid adoption of wearables technologies. Traditionally health science researchers have collected this data by requiring participants to come into the clinic. The data is often manually entered by participants using web based forms. Additionally methods providing customized feedback on progress to participants is fairly limited. Collectively these constraints limit the number of participants that can be enrolled in a study and often makes it challenging to ensure their sustained participation over the span of the intervention.

With recent advances in smart speakers and digital assistants with conversational AI capabilities such as Amazon Alexa, low cost wearables such as Fitbit and availability of smart home appliances such as programmable LED bulbs, the ability to implement a flexible, extensible and affordable Ambient Technology based health intervention with commercial off the shelf (CoTS) components is within reach for researchers. We would like to create a prototype for an integrated platform that utilizes FitBit devices to obtain physiological data and Amazon Alexa for interactive behavioral data capture, feedback and coordination with IoT devices such as LED lights.

Scope: (1) Design a system that allows researchers to ask participants specific set of questions through Alexa. (2) Capture participants' responses (3) Schedule conversational questionnaires based on time of the day or specific events/triggers.(4) Obtain data from FitBit wearable device and trigger specific questionnaires based on conditions (5) Develop a solution housing Alexa and home IoT devices to grab participant attentions for unfinished questionnaires and triggers.

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