Launch Vehicle Ground Support Equipment Frontend

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Northrop Grumman
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Northrop Grumman is looking to transition from a Java-based frontend to a web-based frontend for our Ground Support Equipment (GSE) software that is used to command and control a Launch Vehicle (LV), aka rocket, during pre-launch and launch countdown activities on the ground. The web-based frontend is desired to make setup, testing, and usability of the product simpler. In addition, we want to use a Software Factory (SWF) approach with continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) pipeline that supports containerization and automated testing to help speed up development, testing, and release cycles of the product. Lastly, would like to use a Systems Engineering approach for the development of requirements and Human Computer Interface (HCI) design to help generate a user-friendly interface that still meets the needs of NG. They would also help verify that all the requirements have been met with the end product.
GSE is all the equipment we use to communicate and control the LV while it is on the ground. The GSE software is used to command and provide status from a variety of equipment including power supplies, discrete inputs/outputs, batteries, and flight avionics. The backend periodically sends status to the frontend to be processed and displayed. The frontend is used to send commands to the backend to be processed, sent to the appropriate device, and provide command pass/fail details.

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