The LightBrush

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LED Dental Wellness
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For those who have mental or physical limitations or aversions to traditional toothbrush use, photodynamic therapy can improve overall oral health and decrease plaque bacterial colonization. This project presents a waterless, bristleless alternative to traditional mouth cleaning devices. It allows the user to select a light mode for three individual LED treatments using blue light, red light or a combination of the two.

The LightBrush design uses an Arduino Nano Every microcontroller to power the high-wattage LEDs, which are located on a custom-designed printed circuit board in the head of the brush. Custom code controls the LEDs according to the selected light mode, and it delivers a specific lux dosage amount over a set treatment time. For safety, an accelerometer ensures the user or caregiver is properly holding the LightBrush and automatically shuts off the device when the LEDs are shining upwards, preventing ocular damage. A piezo buzzer notifies the user when the treatment begins and is completed to prevent light exposure outside of the mouth. The lithium polymer battery can be recharged when voltage is low. The team 3D printed a prototype of the LightBrush to verify functionality of the complete system. Further research into potential environmentally sustainable materials for large-scale production of the device was also completed, and instructions for use were developed for customers.

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