Live Silage Analyzer and Mini-Fermenter

Project number: 
UA Dept of Biosystems Engineering/UA School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Academic year: 
A tabletop device that can hold 10lbs of silage under the proper temperature and pressure conditions for fermentation that allows for experimentation and analysis of silage formulas.

Background Info:
Silage is the fermented and high-moisture stored fodder which can be fed to livestock animals. Silage is very effective and nutritious food for the dairy cattle and ferments the sugars to form acids and then breaks down the forage proteins into simpler compounds.
Silage can even help animals to better digest forage that is difficult to digest in fresh form, as silage bacteria helps to break down fibre. Good quality forage is essential to ensure dairy cows not only maintain a healthy body, but also produce high-quality milk.
Disrupted normal rumen function – Spoiled silage destroys the “forage mat” in the rumen, adversely affecting the rumen contractions and preventing nutrient absorption. Reproductive issues – Spoiled silage lacks the adequate nutrient value to sustain cattle, especially during pregnancy.
Info on how silage is fermented:

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