LTDANN - Localized Temporarily Deployable Autonomous Navigation Network (Joint UA/UMass Project)

Project number: 
Raytheon Technologies
Academic year: 
Security forces, first responders, vehicles, UAVs and autonomous
systems are increasingly reliant on GPS in order to maneuver,
navigate, and reach their destination, leading to an extreme
vulnerability if GPS is jammed, disrupted, or otherwise made
The Localized Temporarily Deployable Adaptive Navigation
Network (LTDANN) is a method to overcome this vulnerability
using a multi-transmitter nodal network to provide relative and
absolute locationing without relying on the Global Positioning
System satellites. Initial program would be development of proof of concept 4 node network
to demonstrate algorithms, positioning accuracy, and robustness

Develop Useful Simulation
Develop and Integrate key hardware devices
Build Hardware (4 nodes + receiver)
Demonstrate communication between nodes
Demonstrate determination of range between two nodes
Demonstrate position agreement between 3 nodes
Introduce nodes with no known position and demonstrate position solving
Demonstrate receiver position solving

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