Management Dashboard / Executive Information System

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Caterpillar Inc.
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At any management level, to make decisions there is a need for real-time, reliable information. The available information should be crisp, unambiguous, facts driven, accountable and should allow drilldown. ​Management cannot solve the problem if the problem is not presented to them. The product is for Internal Process Improvement that will reduce waste in terms of resources & time. It will help in making timely decisions, which in turn will help in launching CAT products and services in a timely manner.

The Dashboard must be concept based and not product based.

The Dashboard must be designed to handle Quantitative and Qualitative data. All KPIs (key performance indices) are assumed to be 1. Quantitative – Number Based (Time Phased, ability to Roll Up and Fields that can be Mapped) or 2. Qualitative - Text Based (Time Stamped and Time Bound).

Some examples of quantitively data would be revenue, expenses, budget forecast values, actual values, sales, inventory, etc.

Some examples of qualitative data would be risks, issues, agenda items, accomplishments, lessons learned etc.

The database must be useable at any internal organization or project level. Users should be able to handle any type of data, define the fields and self-administer. Source data must be enterable at any level. Data must be manageable and editable at any level.

Use the latest tools for web application development.

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