Medical Grade Leak-Proof Spigot For Diagnostic Reagents and Waste

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Roche Tissue Diagnostics
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At Roche Tissue Diagnostics, the current method for tissue staining involves dispensing chemicals through a spigot, which regulates the flow of reagents from chemical storage containers known as carboys. This existing system has recently been beset with leaks and issues, which are rooted in a faulty spigot connected to the carboy. The problems arose from a combination of mechanical failure, chemical degradation and incorrect operation.

The team used CAD software, 3D fabrication techniques, chemical compatibility testing, and mechanical and fluid analyses to develop multiple design iterations. Each iteration was tested extensively to ensure that the design is ready for mass production. The improved spigot not only enhances safety by eliminating mechanical failures and chemical degradation, but it also promises better ease of use. Additionally, the modular design approach offers cost efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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