Mine Conveyance Battery Charging System

Project number: 
Resolution Copper
Academic year: 
Design a battery charging system to ensure a sustainable power source for underground mining communications while traveling in a conveyance.
The Resolution Copper project is a proposed underground mine 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, near the town of Superior. There are two active mine shafts for underground access: Shaft 9 and Shaft 10. When minors access the underground mine, they are hoisted down the shaft in a conveyance system. The conveyance system includes important battery-powered communications equipment. This battery drains throughout the day as the communications equipment is used prompting daily battery replacements. There is currently no charging system in place to keep the battery charged.
The project team will be invited to visit the Resolution Copper property for a meet-and-greet and tour to familiarize the project team with the unique characteristics of the project.

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