MIS Flatfoot Reconstruction

Project number: 
Paragon 28
Academic year: 
Flatfoot, which affects nearly 8 million individuals in the United States, occurs when the longitudinal arch in the foot collapses. Current techniques to correct flatfoot involve making large, 5-inch incisions, which may lead to longer healing times and soft tissue damage. While standard tools are used in the process, there is no standard technique or procedure.

The team developed a surgical guide system that will be placed on the outer side of the foot. Surgeons can use a custom burr remove cartilage material from the three spaces within the joint and prepare the space for flatfoot reconstruction. The guide and burr will work together to aid the surgical team in removing cartilage between the two bones. A surgeon can use the designed instrumentation to operate within a small incision (less than 1 inch) with adequate visualization of the bone. The curvature of the guide helps surgeons navigate safely through the joint when using the burr and provides a level of standardization to the surgical procedure. The system follows all medical device regulations and is crafted from ASTM F899 surgical steel.

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