Modifications for a Hybrid Rolling/Flying Robot

Project number: 
Revolute Robotics
Academic year: 
Revolute Robotics is pioneering an autonomous rolling/flying robot. This system will allow their robot to navigate various terrain, switching between a maneuverable flying mode and energy-efficient rolling mode. The goal of this project was to develop several assisting subsystems.

The aluminum rib shell design significantly reduces bouncing, improving the rolling operation of the robot and allowing for easy assembly and disassembly with common parts making maintenance and manufacturing simple. The delivered GUI provides an interface with the drone and offering data telemetry and command sending. The camera gimbal uses motors to rotate the robot’s primary camera in two axes to maintain level pitch in both rolling and flying modes. The center of gravity control system further makes the changing orientation between rolling and flying more efficient and allows the drone to easily position itself for charging. The charging station uses wireless induction power transfer between custom wound coils. It is accessible from all directions and allows the robot to wirelessly charge its battery without an operator to plug it in or remove the robot from its shell.

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