Modular Biomedical Sensor Board for Education

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UA Department of Biomedical Engineering
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The sensor board will need to be able to measure a) Electrical Potential, b) Impedance, c) Optical Transmission, d) Sound and e) Resistance. This will allow recording a three lead electro cardiogram, body fat and water composition, arterial blood oxygenation, heart sound, temperature and strain. The sensors should interface with the Raspberry Pi. The customer of the project will be educators and students. The design should be modular so that the user can decide to use one, multiple or all sensors. One approach could be to design a Hardware Attached Top (HAT) that includes a microcontroller to communicate with sensor modules. An other is to use an extension cable to avoid size limitations of a HAT. The team will receive existing tested designs for impedance and resistance measurements but will need to come up with a new design to measure sound and verify and test designs for pulse oximetry and electrocardiography (depending composition of the team). The team will need to focus on manufacturability and simplicity of software and integration of multiple sensors in an educational setting. Standards for safe operation of the sensors will need to be considered.

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