PODBot Print on Demand Robots

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Raytheon Technologies
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Urban and Desert recognizance has become invaluable to First Responders and Border Patrol.
To provide a low-cost, configurable, durable, airborne and/or ground-borne recognizance solutions that are printable on demand just prior to deployment.

To develop and deliver the capability to 3-D print a small family of scalable quad copters and/or ground bots that utilize common architecture and common components (controller, servos, motors, rotors, wheels, batteries, camera, video link, etc).
Generate “blue prints” for a basic, scalable quad copter or rugged ground bot design that can be 3-D printed, assembled, programmed and operated the next day. Once printed, the user can quickly assemble the Bot, select or program the personality code, connect wires, run a quick test and the Bot is mission ready.
Must include a minimum of two (2) configurations varied by either scale (small & medium) or by type (quad copter & ground bot). The more options provided the better the solution.

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