Senior Capstone Funding Application

Have you always dreamed of building your own business? Do you have product ideas you’d like to have an opportunity to build?

Then consider creating and managing your own Interdisciplinary Capstone project! All senior engineering students are required to complete a capstone project, so now is your chance to realize those dreams.

Interdisciplinary Capstone allows students to work on real-world projects – typically proposed by outside sponsors – to learn common industry design processes. This is an opportunity to take your own innovative idea and make it a reality, while also creating a project for fellow students to complete.

Interested students can apply and various funding entities will review your ideas to decide whether they think it has legs. If so, they’ll front the project fee and you’ll be able to design, prototype and produce your own idea, potentially even launching your own business!

Apply Now!

Deadline to apply is April 1, 2020

Students will be notified by May 1, 2020. Awards will be at the discretion of the funding entities. There is no guarantee that any funds will be awarded. Ideas will be kept confidential and solely owned by the student until such a point that the student may enter into a commercialization agreement. Any commercialization terms will be determined between the student and the funding entity, contingent on whether TLA determines the university also has a claim. Selected projects will proceed under ENGR 498, which may be different than the required capstone of some majors. ENGR 498 is currently the required or accepted capstone course for the following engineering majors: Biosystems; Biomedical; Electrical & Computer; Engineering Management; Environmental; Industrial; Materials Science; Mechanical; Optical Sciences; and Systems. Accepted students in other majors can enroll in ENGR 498 as a technical elective; as an alternative to the required capstone course with department approval; or can continue in their major’s capstone while acting as the sponsor of the ENGR 498 project.

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UA engineering students are ready to take your project from concept to reality.