Re-injection & Extraction Process for Simulated Crude Oil Plant

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UA Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
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Enhanced oil recovery is a method of extracting additional oil from oil fields. This process is accomplished by reinjecting liquid and/or gas back into the oil reservoir to re-establish the lost pressure from pumping out the oil. This project focuses on the reinjection of gas into the oil well using the tertiary reinjection of methane, specifically in an Alaskan oil field. Before being reinjected into the reservoir, the methane must be separated from the oil and water that is entrained in it. This is done by using a series of heat exchangers, separators, and compressors to safely and efficiently separate the different components out for use in their own streams. The safety of this process is of utmost importance since many pieces of equipment are operating at a high pressure and high temperature. To reduce operator injuries and prevent the need for maintenance, misters and control valves will be used to maintain safe operations at all times. Optimal operations for this process will yield an increased separation and recovery of oil and natural gas as well as increase safety and decrease the need for maintenance.

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