Repurposing Hemp/Cannabis Biomass: Fiber Extraction and Fractionation to Make Valuable Biobased Raw Materials

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Academic year: 
The requirements for this project require students to be creative, explore, and enjoy the design process while maintaining professional and respectful relationships with each other. The primary objective is to conceptualize a mechanical and chemical that would be used to repurpose hemp/cannabis biomass into usable raw materials that can replace fossil fuel base materials.

Research and Development:
- Investigate existing sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for converting biomass into biobased raw materials.
- Endeavor to enhance, amalgamate, emulate, or innovate using existing concepts, or develop new ones.

- For clarifications or proposing novel ideas, students are encouraged to email the sponsor. If further discussion is required, they may feel free to call the sponsor at 520-839-9845.
- Maintain open communication with peers, mentors, and the sponsor.

Collaboration Protocols:
- Engage in group brainstorming sessions, ensuring all ideas are given due consideration and respect.
- Each participant should establish an initial rapport with the sponsor to foster trust.
- The team leader is expected to connect with the sponsor weekly, ideally for a 10-15 minute update.
- Bi-weekly meetings involving the entire team should be planned and adhered to.
- Allow for individual autonomy.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property:
- Maintain discretion concerning project details, limiting discussions to teammates, relevant faculty, and other University of Arizona stakeholders.
- Students will be asked to review and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard any intellectual property emerging from this project.

Above all, open and clear communication with team members, mentors, and the sponsor is of paramount importance.

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