Spacecraft Platform at L1 for Future Space Development - Team 2

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The space sector is exponentially increasing rocket launches and satellite deployments. In addition, the remains of old satellites and rocket vehicles are a growing threat due to the accumulation of space debris. In the next 30 years, Cislunar space will become crowded with diverse space development activities. As a result, there is a critical need to develop next-generation platforms that will provide spacecraft services, including refueling, repair, Cislunar observation, and communication capabilities. A space platform envisioned at the Earth-Moon first Lagrange point has been proposed through this year’s NASA RASCAL Competition. Two teams of aerospace engineering students will be selected to conceptualize, design, and prototype critical elements of the L1 space platform. The platform may be robotic, occupied by humans, or a mix of both. The student teams must focus on a specialized area for their L1 space platform.

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