Supplement Recommending Mobile App with Handheld Measuring Device for Saliva pH and Calcium Levels

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Gesund Me
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The human body is a complex system of various biochemical processes that require certain substances as input and emit others as output or leakage. Their quantities are directly associated with the body’s health. A full laboratory blood test can therefore give a valuable insight into the patient’s bodily functions. Unfortunately, only very few physicians have attained this interpretive knowledge and they are hard to come by.

The suggested solution is a mobile app that will analyze the user’s test results, tell them what potential health concerns they have, and offer supplement recommendations to improve the detected deficiencies. Most of the iOS app was built over the summer but there are still some key features missing, including the analyzing algorithm which can be drawn from the straightforward medical books provided.

To bolster the startup company’s position in the market, the project will include the development of a measurement device for the pH and calcium levels of human saliva. Even though it is well known and scientifically supported that pH and calcium are directly related to the absence or active development of tooth decay, there is no commercially available, handheld device that conveniently measures both. This gadget should connect to the app so that the user can order the supplements recommended for alkaline and calcium-rich saliva production.

Note: This project is a joint endeavor between the College of Engineering and the Eller College’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship with Raphael Lepercq as the student inventor. McGuire’s New Venture Development Program (NVD) will provide the business student team to do the market research and investor pitch while the Senior Design Project (ENGR) will provide the engineering student team for the product development and implementation.

(1) Work with McGuire’s NVD business student team to complete the "gesund" mobile app and implement changes induced by customer feedback.
(2) Research and develop a low-cost pH and calcium measurement prototype. Consider off-the-shelf technology first and find customized solutions as needed.
(3) Work with McGuire’s NVD team to collect customer feedback on the measuring device and implement changes as needed.
(4) Provide software, electrical, and mechanical diagrams of the systems’ working components and processes.
(5) Test both the app and the device and iterate on previous steps until an optimal design is found, as time permits.
(6) Develop plans (including cost estimates) to turn the lab prototype into a standalone, compact, consumer-ready product that can be sold on the marketplace.
(7) Present results in a video and PowerPoint presentation at the Senior Design Day.

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