Ultra-Low Power RF Communication for Industrial IoT Sensors

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Ridgetop Group
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Ridgetop Group is seeking innovative ideas and solutions to upgrade the RF communication protocol for an Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor network that is deployed in industrial applications under Ridgetop's Sentinel Motion product line. Sentinel Motion is an IoT-based sensor system that monitors mission critical equipment observing any combination of temperature and linear, rotatory, or vibrational force. This innovative technology was originally developed for helicopter gearbox systems while working with NASA, and has been adapted for the railroad industry. Sentinel Motion offers railroad operators a complete toolbox to monitor faults and anomalies associated with the track, wheel, and bearings. Sentinel Motion comprises a wireless network of RotoSense smart sensors, the Sentinel Gateway communications device, and the Sentinel MotionView software package for data acquisition, analysis, and sensor-gateway management. Additional technology details can be reviewed on the Ridgetop Group website here: https://www.ridgetopgroup.com/applications/transportation/safety-reliabi...

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