WATER-SAFE - PFAS/Microplastic Water Detection System for Environmental and Human Health

Project number: 
Kidney ADVANCE Project - NIH/ACABI
Academic year: 
Requirements: 1. Review and define PFAS and microplastics – what are they, wat are we measuring specifically – classes and size. 2. PFAS (collect and detect)– develop simple system to measure – including developing a simple sensors system. Alternatively, as a minimum develop and extraction means for send of isolated compounds – with high grade accumulation – to analytical lab. 3. PFAS (report) – develop a readout and a database system for prediction and AI. 4. Microplastics (detect, collect and size) – develop simple system using optics, small laser or electrostatic means for particle detection. System will image and collect materials as well for further analysis of composition. 5. Microplastics (report) – develop a readout and a database system for prediction and AI. 6. Homogenization with environmental standards – the reporting should be in accordance with evolving EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or other standards agencies that are being developed.
7. Small footprint and graphical user interface.

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